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Oral Contraceptives

Contraception methods may cause anxiety for lots of women, and that’s because of the lack of knowledge around how it works ,benefits and risks. Choosing the right method is considered the first step. Women usually are advised to consult the doctor around choosing the appropriate method for birth control, and the choice depends on several factors determined by the doctor, examples of contraception methods that are available in Jordan is:

  1. Mechanical barriers and IUD's: such as IUD (intrauterine device), male condoms, and the vaginal ring.
  2. Hormonal therapy known as “oral contraceptives”.
  3. Surgical procedures.

Misuse of oral contraceptives is the most common cause of OCPs failure which resulting in unfavorable side effects to the users such as unexpected pregnancy, or even irregular hormones, and subsequently irregular menstruation. The right way of using these contraceptives comes from the simple understanding of the principle of how it works, realizing their side effects, and the risks of misusing using them:

OCPs divided into two categories :
  1. Combined pills (consists of two compounds): these pills contain two types of hormones. The first one is estrogen, this hormone works by increasing estrogen level in the blood, and subsequently inhibiting FSH hormone secretion from the pituitary gland, where FSH hormone responsible for egg growth, while progesterone prevents LH hormone secretion which induce ovulation, also it works on changing endometrial nature, so preventing the implantation of fertilized eggs.
  2. Progesterone pills: it contains only progesterone, these pills work on preventing ovulation, and also changing cervical secretions, subsequently it affects the entry of the sperms into the uterus, and affects the implantation fertilized eggs, nursing mothers are usually advised to use this type of pills.

From previous explanation for how these pills work, it is clear that these pills contains hormones, so its important to stick to some instructions while using it. And here are some instruction that can help you while using oral contraceptive pills :
  1. If it's your first time to use oral contraceptives you should ask your doctor when to start the medication accurately (and we mean by that in which day of your menstrual cycle ).
  2. Try to take your medication in the same time every day, to avoid missing any pill. And to help you remembering your daily dose try to take your pill before or after fixed daily activity (such as taking it at dinner time).

  3. - If you miss a dose of your combined oral contraceptive take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, wait until then to take your next dose and skip the missed dose. Do not take extra medicine to make up for a missed dose. (ask the pharmacist if you missed more than one dose).
  4. If you miss a dose of your of your(progesterone pills) take it as soon as you remember, and if more than 3 hours have passed from missing the dose, take it as soon as you remember, and use a mechanical contraceptive within the next 48 hours.
  5. Be aware of taking any new drugs that may antagonize the effect of the oral contraceptives, or decrease their effect. Common examples on these drugs are: antibiotics, antivirals, epilepsy drugs or antidepressants.
  6. Make self breast examination regularly .
    oral contraceptives are considered an effective method if you use it carefully and accurately you can get the best results.

Publish Date: 17/08/2011
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