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You have a healthy baby

One of the happiest proudest days of your life is the birthday of your new baby bury the idea that crying of baby is not your job and be happy that you didn't carry the baby 9 months in your body If you are the father to be expect that you will face many changes in your life be ready to play a very active role in your child's life not only in the first few days after his birth but for the rest of your lives together Advices

  1. When you go with your wife to the gynecologist you will hear what doctor has to say about pregnancy. also you will share your wife the enjoyable moments of seeing your developing baby by ultrasound scan.

  2. Up and down emotions are common in pregnant woman show her that you love her and she will soon be smiling again.

  3. Read books and magazines about child development.

  4. By carrying for your new baby you will get just as emotionally attached to him as his mother will.

  5. Play with your child everyday.

  6. Breast feeding is a hard work. when she is breast feeding bring her a pillow or a glass of water try to burp your baby after feeding.

  7. Get a lot of skin to skin contact with your baby by cuddling and batching

Publish Date: 17/08/2011
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