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Rectal Temperature

From birth, you are the center of your child’s universe. He gives you his love without question and without demand.
Your child believes in you. In his eyes, you are strong capable, powerful and wise.

Taking rectal temperature:

Very few babies get through infancy without having a fever, which is usually a sign of infection somewhere in the body.

The best way to measure fever in a young child is by taking a rectal temperature for children under three years of age, a rectal digital thermometer provides the more accurate reading.

The procedure:

  1. Clean the end of the thermometer with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Rinse with cool (not hot) water.

  2. Please a small amount of lubricant such as petroleum jelly on the end.

  3. Place your child belly – down across your lap hold him steady by placing your palm against his lower back.

  4. With the other hand, turn on the thermometer’s switch, and then insert the thermometer one – half to one inch into the anal opening.

  5. Hold the thermometer in place for about one minute, until you hear it beep.

  6. Remove the thermometer and check the reading.

Publish Date: 18/08/2011
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