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Womens Health
Urinary Incontinence
Millions of women experience involuntary loss of urine called urinary incontinence (UI). Some women may lose a few drops of urine while running or coughing. Others may feel a strong, sudden urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine. Many women experience both symptoms. Women experience UI twice as often as men. Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, and the structure of the female...
Skin Care
Too much sun can break down your skin cells, causing wrinkling, leathering and brown spots. More serious than these damaging and unappealing effects is the risk of pre cancerous lesions forming. Here are some simple tips to help you look and feel better. Pour on the sunscreen. One of the keys to radiant skin is never skimping on sunscreen. Even in winter, when the cold weather can lull you...
Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
What is PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)? PMS is defined as the predictable physical, emotional and behavioral changes before your period. What are the expected symptoms? Usually symptoms vary from women to woman and from month to another   Emotional & behavioral symptoms physical anxiety General tiredness Mood swings(irritability, auger,...
Oral Contraceptives
Contraception methods may cause anxiety for lots of women, and thatís because of the lack of knowledge around how it works ,benefits and risks. Choosing the right method is considered the first step. Women usually are advised to consult the doctor around choosing the appropriate method for birth control, and the choice depends on several factors determined by the doctor, examples of...
Myths About Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)
We always talk about COCs, hear all about it, and we all give our judgments on them, whether who can use it, or cant, who is at risk and who is not!! Here below are the most common myths and the facts Behind them:- The pill makes you gain weight. This is not true, studies have shown that the pill does not cause weight gain on average, thatís why you should watch what you eat & how...
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